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E’ grazie alla trentennale esperienza maturata nel settore del suo fondatore Battista Bazzurini che nel 1991 nasce il nostro nuovo settore, specializzato in progettazione e restyling di ambienti: abitazioni private, uffici, negozi, bar e ristoranti.
It is thanks to the thirty year experience of its founder Bazzurini Battista in this field  that in 1991 our new sector was born,  specialized in interior designs and restyling of ambiances: private home, offices, shops, restaurants and bars.
Whoever  is addressing to us to create or to renovate a facility, can find a sole interlocutor taking care of the entire order:  from the consulting to the design construction,  from plant design to the supply of enlightening frame, from the flooring  to the finishing of the walls, from the interior decoration to the study of details (curtains, carpets and complements).
An “all inclusive” service, a flexible management system developed thanks to the experiences gained in the various manufacturing  category.
BAZZURINI Creative Design goes beyond the scheme and trust the creativity of its designers to take a new direction in revolutionary forms, which combine materials and colours with great skill.
All the ideas accepted in our company, even the more strange, become realizable projects that draw inspiration from professional people to materialize in its unique originality.
The careful selection of our partners and professional team allowed us to realize a construction project on its totality and in respect of styles and customer exigencies.
By us, the ambiance is suitable to satisfy the imagination and the intuitions against the tide, that find applicability in the professional consultant, work table for the selection of the design process and touch of style that, from finishing, to curtains, furniture and floors,  let be born again a structure.











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