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BAZZURINI SEDIE is a company born in 1979 for will of its founder Bazzurini Battista, specialized in the supplying of tables and chairs for the contract and sector without overlook to the best proposal for interior home.

The careful selection of our partners and professional team allowed us to realize with great skill a proposal of models, materials and colours that goes beyond forms in its totality and in respect of style and customer exigencies.

The company is above all a supportive group of high level professionalism that combine its own competences to give answers to customer’s exigencies, with the best products in the field and of its own production.

Our ambiance is predisposed to satisfy the imagination and the intuitions against the tide, that find applicability on the professional consulting, working table for the selection of planning way and of those stylishly touches essential for the completion of an interior decor.
Thanks to the constant commitment and to the excellence of the results, today the company represents a reality leader on its sector.
BAZZURINI SEDIE is dealer of the most prestigious brands on the manufacturing of seats and indoor and outdoor complements.
Our professional aim is the one to satisfy with the absolutely seriousness, precision, punctuality and creativity the requests of whom has given us the faith. Our mission is the one to create, always with responsibility, passion and in full compliance with the taken agreements, unique spaces able to reflect the personality and the tastes of whom is living them.
Our team, composed by creative and skilled interior designers, is continuosly updated on new fashion, architecture and design evolutions, purposing aesthetics solutions, original and functional at the same time.
The competence and the professionality of our team grant the development of a faithful relationship, essential to take the best decision in a delicate issue like the one of interiors  decor.
The customer find in our company professionals always available and ready to solve the problems appearing work in progress. This is the force of the company: to invest on the communication and the constant comparison with customer’s aims.magis

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